The typography of the backdrop banner
  2022/09/21 | View:2

The layout of the backdrop banner is about adjusting the position and size of visual information elements such as text, images, and graphics to create a beautiful visual effect on the layout. The layout of the backdrop banner follows six principles: alignment, aggregation, repetition, contrast, emphasis, and white space.

backdrop banner

First, the alignment principle. Relevant content should be aligned so that users can quickly move around and see the most important information at a glance.

Second, the collection principle. Break the backdrop banner into areas and aggregate the relevant content into one area.

Third, the blank principle. Not being able to line up the backdrop in such a dense way that there is room not only for the banner to be less oppressive but also for the reader to focus on the key content.

Fourth, the principle of noise reduction. Too Many Colors, fonts, and graphics on the backdrop banner are distracting noise.

Fifth, the principle of comparison. The backdrop banner adds visual differences between different elements, not only adding vitality to the backdrop but also highlighting the visual focus and making it easy for the user to get a quick look at the important information.

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