Cosmetics promotion display rack requirements for entering large shopping malls
  2022/01/18 | View:5

Cosmetics promotion display rack is an indispensable display props in cosmetics counters, and different shopping malls have various requirements for entering cosmetics counters, including a series of clear provisions on the display shelf of cosmetics, generally speaking, what are the requirements of large shopping malls for cosmetics display shelves?


First: the appearance of the cosmetics display rack should be beautiful

Cosmetic consumer groups are mostly female, which itself is an industry to create beauty, is bound to bring consumers a good and pleasant feeling. The atrium on the first floor of a large shopping mall is mostly filled with cosmetics counters, representing the facade of a shopping mall. The publicity and display of beautiful shapes will attract the attention of consumers, attract more people, and increase the sales of the whole shopping mall.

Second: the material of the promotion display rack should be safe and environmentally friendly

Because cosmetics are products that come into direct contact with the skin, they must be very careful. If the material of the display rack gives off bad smell or toxic gas, and mixes with the cosmetics displayed on the promotion display, it will cause skin irritation, redness and swelling to consumers who use the product, which will be a great loss to both the brand and the mall. Therefore, large shopping malls will require cosmetics display racks to pass some special tests before use, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

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