The SEG light box creates a modern night market with all its colors
  2021/12/28 | View:19

If you are also a love to eat, keen on food, I think you must have long coveted China's top ten night markets, forget those fragrant floating snacks, also forget the colorful night scene, colorful SEG light boxes in the night successive bright, it is also a unique landscape of modern night markets.

The bustling crowds in the night, the aroma of food wafting in the air, and the cries of street vendors are all the pictures that foodies are fascinated by. Here, we can eat from the street to the end of the street. Besides the delicious food, the atmosphere of the night market is really appetising. Night market atmosphere can not be created without the use of light signs, making a beautiful eye-catching sign is a necessary product of a night market shop.

colorful SEG light boxes

Light box for sale is a favorite billboard for night market food stalls, mainly because it is easy to make and has great advertising effect. The style of the SEG light box is also diverse, square, rectangular, circular, irregular and so on, buyers can according to their own needs to customize; Material is also very diverse,SEG light box in the middle of the night show color effect is very good and suitable for outdoor, the sun will not be afraid, wear-resisting durable, quality is light, make the design of hanging wall installation is easy, do a sign in 5 to 10 years, heralding the long implied stores a great treasures will be plentiful, so is the material for the merchants love.

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