Outdoor promotion display products advantages
  2021/12/21 | View:20

Now the spread value of outdoor advertising is more and more prominent. With the emergence of expressways, private cars, holiday golden week, tourism fever, etc., the interval between regions is shortening, the rhythm of crowd activities is accelerating, the flow is increasing, and the time we stay outdoors is extending. And digital printing, computer photo, neon lights and other modern outdoor advertising production technology is widely used is its technical guarantee and booster. Today, China's outdoor promotion display income has reached 12 percent of the total national advertising.

Outdoor publicity display rack product advantages:

First, the arrival rate is high

Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor display stands can create the ideal arrival rate. According to hurricane research, outdoor display stands are now second only to television in terms of attendance.

outdoor promotion display

Second, the visual impact is strong

After thousands of years of practice, this ancient way of setting up outdoor poster board holder in public places shows its effectiveness in conveying information and expanding influence. An outdoor display rack in a good location is a must for any company that wants to build a lasting brand image. It's straightforward and simple enough to charm big advertisers around the world. Many well-known outdoor publicity display rack buildings, perhaps because of its lasting and prominent, will gradually become the well-known symbol of this area, people may turn a blind eye to this street buildings, but the outdoor publicity display rack has long been unforgettable.

Third, the release period is long

Compared to other promotional media, outdoor promotional display stands are released continuously and all day long. They stand there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which makes them easier to see.

Fourth, high urban coverage

In a city with the target population, the right choice of release location, and the use of the right outdoor display rack, can achieve better publicity at the ideal price.

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