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Tension fabric tube frame LT-24Q1(8*8ft)
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tube banner stand
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tube fabric frame

Tension fabric tube frame LT-24Q1(8*8ft)

The tension fabric tube frame provides a perfect exhibition and advertising backdrop. It usually has 8ft , 10ft and 20ft for option . Most popular size is 10ft in the market . The graphic of the tension fabric is mounted with an industrial zipper, amazing ease of assembly with the pillowcase style , it can be assembled by one person in 5 mins. Top-quality dye sub printing on recyclable Polyester , it is virtually "Wrinkle Free" . With Wrinkle-resistant and made with fire-resistant material, our tension fabric displays feature the highest-quality dye sublimation printing.
So it is widely used...
Product Detail

Product Features:

Lightweight, Fast assembles and high-end versions are the main advantages of these products. It is quite a popular product for advertising, exhibitions, conventions, weddings, and other events in the market because of its easy operation. It just connects the tubes with a snap pin and zipper the graphic will be done. All the frames and graphics are packed in on carrying bag, so it is convenient for transportation.

Hardware details:


Lightweight and excellent treatment: It is made of a 32mm diameter aluminum alloy tube, and all are put inside one carrying bag and can be very easy to carry for any event. The tube frame surface is perfectly anodized makes the frame a high-quality version.

Tool-free assembles: The whole frame is connected with a snap pin, just push to lock and then finished the frame set up quickly. The graphic is easy to assemble into the frame with a zipper.

Graphic display:

The graphic is using tension fabric material, a design template can be provided and customer design is available. Dye-sublimation printing will bring a high-quality display version.

Single side and double-sided designs are optional. The single side means one side with advertising and another side is white fabric; the Double side means both sides printed with advertising. Of course, single-side printing is more cost-effective, and double-side printing can fully display the advertising.

Products packing:

The product standard packing is a soft oxford bag with a carrying strip. It is easy enough to take.


Optional parts :

1.LED lights are optional to assemble at the top of the frame to make the standard more bright.


2. S-shape connector is optional to combine a bigger backdrop stand .


More information for reference :

Products size: 8*8ft(243*243cm)

Graphic size: 245*246cm

Standard includes:

1. Hardware

2. Graphic (optional)

3. Soft bag

4. Gloves

5. Instruction sheet

Products guarantee :

The hardware guarantee period is 1 year under correct operation.


1.Is the frame adjustable in size?

The tension stand frame is not adjustable, it is connected with bungee pole and fixed sizes.

2.Do you print double-sided tension stands? How do I do this?

Yes, we offer double-sided printing as an option for our tension stands. When make the design , just create 2 designs with our template.

3.Do the aluminum poles have bungee cords inside of them?

Yes, the aluminum poles have bungee cords within them.

4. What kind of printing process do you use for your tension stands?

Your design will be printed using a dye sublimation process, which is designed to permanently adhere the ink into the material. The result is a design or image that is vibrant, long lasting, and impervious to scratching or fading.

5. Can I use the tension stand outdoors?

Tension stands are designed for indoor use and we do not recommend placing tension stands outdoors for extended periods of time. Using tension stands outside can diminish the life of the display. Outdoor environments can increase the likelihood of damage to the display due to sharp objects and piercing. Though the frame is made from durable aluminum, it cannot be anchored or weighted down to the ground. Thus, inclement weather and windy conditions can easily cause permanent and irreversible damage to your fabric tension stand. Even if weighted, the display can act like a sail and be carried away in moderately windy conditions. If you’re looking for an outdoor display, we offer a variety of banners signage solutions that are specifically designed for outdoor use, including vinyl banners and feather flag banners.

6. Are your tension stands weather resistant?

Tension stands are not designed for outdoor use and, as such, are not designed to be weather resistant.

7. What are typical uses for your tension stands?

Indoor use for trade show and convention displays, public areas, welcome and registration tables, lobbies, presentations, showrooms, as a backdrop for photographs, weddings, media events, and marketing exhibits are just some of the wide range of uses. Outdoor use is possible in calm weather, but recommended for indoor use only.

8. If I purchased the optional LED lights how do I set them up?

If you purchase the optional LED lights they will be included in your tension stand shipment. There will also be two additional, connector parts included with your shipment that allow LED lights to be securely attached to the top of the tension stand. Place the connector parts on top of the fully assembled stand and use the attached screw to secure them in place. The LED lights are designed to slide into the grove on the top of these parts. After attaching the LED lights, hide the wires down the backside of your display and connect them to a power source.

9. My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

Wrinkles present on your display can usually be removed by simply attaching the display to the frame and allowing the elasticity to remove any creases. In some cases, wrinkles and creases can be present when you first unwrap the product after it is shipped to you. If necessary, a handheld steamer can be used to quickly remove any wrinkles or creases. Do not iron your display or put it in a tumble dryer, as doing so can permanently damage your display.

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