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Feather flag banner LT-17F
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feather flying banner

Feather flag banner LT-17F

The feather flag banner is designed for both indoor& outdoor use, mainly for outdoor. with the metal plate base, the banner stands more stable in the wind. It is popular for sports events, governmental meetings and public activities. All poles are made of aluminum makes it stands more stable in the wind.
Product Detail

This promotional teardrop banner is freestanding, light, and portable, easy to use. With various kinds of bases and graphic models for choice, it is suitable for many kinds of ground conditions. It is perfect for outdoor promotion activities.


Feather Flag Banner

1. Aluminum pole and fiber glass pole; wall thickness over striking to 1.8mm from 1.2mm, makes stronger wind resistance; most of the similar products in the market are with fiber glass pole only.
2. Fiber glass with good toughness, suitable for various printing and flying styles.
3. At the top of fiber glass, with circle header, compared with the ellipse header from other suppliers, it can reduce abrasion when assemble the printings and promote assembling smoothness.
4. Nylon carry bag to make more easy to take and move.


Material: Aluminum and glass fiber frame

Packing: Nylon bag. Outer box will be K5K5K to protect products inside.

Pole length: 2.5m/3.5m/4.5m/5.5m



Sides choice

Single side teardrop flag bannerDouble sides teardrop flag banner

Bases choice


The different bases can match any of the flag template above.

Flag banner sizes choice


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The key to success is to present your information directly in front of your customers. LINTEL DISPLAYS feather flag banner help drive walk-in traffic into your store and increase your sales.

Show your potential customers what makes you different and better than your competitors.

Questions & Answers

Q: How high should your flagpole be?

A: To determine the height of the flagpole you need, you should first decide where you want it to be located. Ideally, the pole should be visible from all angles, free from interference from bushes, trees, or other obstacles, and look neither too big nor too small for the place to be placed. The typical height of a residential area is 20 feet. If your home is two to three stories high, you may want to consider a 25-foot flagpole.

Q: How long will teardrop banners last?

A: Our teardrop banner poles last anywhere between 3-10 years, while flags could last from 1-3 years, depending on how well you take care of them. We recommend refreshing your design and banner ever year or every year and a half.

Q: Will my printed fabric banner fabric fade?

A: Due to UV exposure, fabric banner colors will eventually fade. Depends majorly on the UV exposure of your area and the colors on the flag, specifically darker colors like black, deep red, and dark blue backgrounds will fade faster than designs with lighter colors. White, light blue, and yellow, those don’t fade in the sun as quickly. For more detailed info, please check here.

Q: Are teardrop banner, teardrop flags, tear flag and teardrop flag banner the same thing?

A: The terms are interchangeable. Though people call them different things according to preference, we like to refer to them as feather banners. They all mean the same thing and we will know what you mean if you use any of those terms.

Teardrop banners are a little different, though they are very similar. We have several different types of banner options for you, and that includes custom banners. While feather flag banners are much more free flowing, teardrop flags are tight and stretched out when secured to the pole. Feather banners usually have more design space to work with.

Q: What can we see on the back of single-sided banners?

A: If you choose to print a single-sided flag banner, please know that to save you time and money, the design is bled through rather than printed on the back side. This means that though you can see the design on the other side, it will be mirrored, texts are not readable. If you want to have the same message appear perfectly on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option.

Q: How to assemble a teardrop flag?

A: Step 1: Unpack all the parts

Step 2: Connect all the poles together, start form the thickest on the bottom

Step 3: Insert the connected pole into the sleeve of the teardrop shape fabric flag, until the top of the top pole reaches the very end.

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